Personalized to meet you exactly where you are.

Startup Island coaches are fellow explorers with resounding entrepreneurial spirit. They understand that success looks different for everyone. This understanding, along with a wide array of life and business experience, has made them the brilliant creators, founders, speakers, marketers, and lifestyle-designers that they are today.

A select group of coaches are on-site at every Startup Island trip, not to tell you "how" to do something, but to guide you as you find a way that works for you. They'll also join you for a surf, on the zipline course, or at the hot springs, allowing for meaningful connections with your coaches to form organically.

After your trip, you'll have lifetime access to the wider mentor network of 40 + coaches spanning different cities, industries, and disciplines. 


One-on-one sessions with your coach are meant to dive deep into whatever you're working it personal, professional, or a combination of both. Your final session of each trip will end with you and your coach creating a plan of action to hold you accountable moving forward.


Group discussions led by your coaches in inspiring locations. Each workshop is designed to unlock and expand your entrepreneurial-mindset, fuel meaningful connections, and foster personal growth. Topics range from Wholehearted Leadership to Turning Your Passion Into Profit.

Meet your coaches!

Former Student-Founder, VC Associate

Three-time Startup Island OG, Abbey has led multiple workshops and coached students from idea to MVP. 

Expertise: VC, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Student-Entrepreneurship, Pitch-Coaching

CEO at Chef Robotics

Partner, Prototype Capital

A coach on our first ever Spring Break trip, Rajat spoke about the struggles and rewards of starting up in school. 

Expertise: Serial Entrepreneurship, VC, Robotics, Writing (published author), Speaking 

Career Transition Coach

Founder, Screw The Cubicle

From Bali, Lydia led an impactful session teaching students about digital nomadism and life outside the cubicle.

Expertise: Digital Nomadism, Travel, Building a Coaching Business, Solopreneurship

Founder & Podcast Host

Nick shared his insights from hundreds of interviews, on how to build a successful side-hustle.  

Expertise: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Online Advertising, Podcasting 


Author, Speaker

Ryan spoke about how to "Make Your Own Lunch," instead of settling for what's been pre-made for you.  

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Speaking, Writing, Traveling


CEO of Eat Your Coffee

On their Costa Rica trip, Johnny and co-founder Ali spoke about the process of launching a successful kickstarter.

Expertise: Crowdfunding, VC Funding, Pitch-Coaching, Ideation, Scaling Strategy

Serial Entrepreneur, RE Investor, Writer

Jackie led a discussion on community building and remote work during our Summer 2016 trip to Costa Rica.

Expertise: Real Estate Investing, Travel, Digital Nomadism, Community

Founder & Podcast Host 

The Pitch

Josh gave students a glimpse into the high stakes world of venture capital, and what it takes to pitch successfully.

Expertise: VC, Pitch-Coaching, Podcasting, Online Marketing, Content Production

Intuitive Advisor, Author, Mastery Mentor

Sydney led yoga, meditation and visualization exercises on our first ever summer camp weekend back in 2016.

Expertise: Solopreneurship, Marketing, Advising, Writing, Retreat Hosting


CEO of SkyHi

Rama's "Whole Hearted Leadership," workshop has been a crowd favorite on multiple Startup Island programs.

Expertise: Angel Funding, Pitching, Technology, Building and Leading Teams 

Director of Finance

Lyz has led two impactful workshops at SI: "Turning Passion to Profit," and "Facing Your Financial Fears."

Expertise: Money Management, Budgeting, Accounting, Business Finance


Executive Leadership Coach

Abel blends business, mindfulness and neuroscience to lead high-impact coaching & meditation sessions.

Expertise: Neuroscience, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Investing, Meditation, Leadership Training 

Social Engineer & Entrepreneur

As a social engineer, Ben introduced how to build a real and engaged community, "beyond number of likes."

Expertise: Social Engineering, Human Development, Psychology, Community Building, Sales

Global Marketing Manager, UST Global

Participating in multiple SI trips, Maya has led workshops on building a freelance business and creativity hacks.

Expertise: Marketing, Freelance, Entrepreneurship, Photography & Design, Travel

Head of Community

Startup Island

During one of his many workshops on SI, Shivank empowered students to identify their "one-of-one" attribute. 

Expertise: Community-Building, Marketing, Philanthropy, Meditation, Workshop Facilitation

Becca Leisher

Community Builder & Student Leader

Becca shared her story about building a community of entrepreneurial student leaders from all over the country.

Expertise: Leadership, Sales, Engagement, Hype-Building, Community Building

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Founder of WIT

Sarah is big on taking action. During her workshop, students didn't talk about their plans, they acted on them.

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Teen Leadership, Alternative Education, Speaking

Entrepreneur & Product Designer (UI / UX)

Merv has led multiple workshops on SI, including a fan favorite, "MVP'ing Your Life."

Expertise: Marketing, Freelance, Entrepreneurship, Photography & Design, Travel

Entrepreneur & Mentor

Co-Founder of SkyHi

During Spring Break 2017, V told us his story and the journey of SkyHi, from launch to development, to funding.

Expertise: Software Engineering, App Development, Technology, Team Management, Funding

Creative Director & Technologist

A storyteller by trade, Eric shared his raw and authentic journey with students during Spring Break 2017.

Expertise: Visual Storytelling, Videography, Production, Technology, Creative Projects

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Co-Founder, Think Board

Hanson has led multiple workshops revolving around lifestyle design and achieving financial freedom.

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Lifestyle Design, Budgeting, Financial Empowerment


Wavemaker Partners

On our Young Entrepreneurial Leaders Weekend, Mikal spoke about the tips and tricks of navigating student-VC.

Expertise: VC, Investing, Pitch Coaching and Pitch Decks, Student-Entrepreneurship

Writer, Speaker, Educator

Director, Dual School

A TedX speaker and SI coach, Zack spoke to the young entrepreneurial leaders about impactful event-design.

Expertise: Alternative Education, Entrepreneurship, Teen Leadership, Event Design, Writing, Speaking

Director of Operations

LearnLaunch Accelerator

Former president of Northeastern's E-Club, Ben led a workshop on the "Nuts & Bolts of Growing your Student Org."

Expertise: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Ed-Tech, Pitch Decks, Fundraising, Community Building, Networking

Entrepreneur &

Brand Strategist

Emma led one of her workshops about identifying your brand's purpose, then unleashing it into the world.

Expertise: Brand Story & Strategy, Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship, Global Business, CSR

Entrepreneur & 

Mindset Coach

From workouts to visualizations, to the "Ignite Your Life" workshop - Sarah has had lasting impact across the #SIFam.

Expertise: Fitness, Holistic Health, Meditation, Speaking, Writing, Community Building, Event Coordination, Brand Partnerships

Juanita Lopez

Fundraiser, Philanthropist & Super Mom!

Having fundraised successfully for many impact-driven non-profits, Juanita spoke on the art of persuasion.

Expertise: Fundraising, Sales, Negotiation, Interpersonal Communication

Managing Director

Int. Planning Alliance

One of our team's personal favorite workshops ever; Brian led an engaging exercise on effective public speaking.

Expertise: Public Speaking, Financial Advising, Student Leadership, Marketing, Sales

Entrepreneur &

Ownership Coach

Danielle brings energy, intensity and profanity; she helped students gain Crystal F*cking Clarity on spring break.

Expertise: Habit Transformation, Speaking, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Workshop Facilitation

Business Consultant & Super Connector

Justin brought a wide range of knowledge and depth to his workshop about "Building Your Social Currency."

Expertise: Community Building, Co-Working Space Development, Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, Networking

Writer, Speaker & 

Brand Story Coach

Celinne led an interesting, insightful and discussion-evoking workshop about "Selling Your Personal Brand."

Expertise: Soloprensuership, World Travel, Building a Large + Income-Driving Social Media Following, Writing, Speaking, Branding

Social Entrepreneur

CEO at NextStep Health

On Spring Break 2018, Sam led an inspiring workshop all about "Telling Your Story with Purpose."

Expertise: Speaking, Social Entrepreneurship, Workshop Facilitation

Freedom & Personal Development Coach

Sally is an expert facilitator, coach and experienced mentor. She leads The Power of The Herd workshop on SI.

Expertise: Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Formation & Legal, Experiential Learning, Equine Facilitated Learning 

Programming Coordinator 

Startup Island

Alex has led several workshops on SI. An underlying theme - the profound power in letting yourself "get lost."

Expertise: Team Leadership, Workshop Facilitation, Community Building, Product Management, Logistics Coordination

Managing Associate, AccountAbility

Danielle speaks on sustainable business strategies, built on the framework of people, planet, profit.

Expertise: Sustainability, Management Consulting, Project Management, Leadership, Public Speaking, Traveling, International Business

Founder, Blom Studios &

Silkscreen Marketing

Kylen shared the peaks and valleys of his journey, showing students the many dimensions of entrepreneurship.  

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Building a Team, Student Entrepreneurship, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales

Director of Partnerships

Acceleprise Accelerator

Two-time #SiFam, Nina led a workshop on spring break about "The Art of Risk Taking and Finding your North Star."

Expertise: VC, Pitch-Decks, Pitch Coaching, Sales, Leadership, Student Entrepreneurship

Head of Data Operations


At the last two SI Summer Camps, Kevin has led workshops about effective communication tactics.  

Expertise: Sales, Negotiation, Management, Coaching, Public Speaking, Operations

Community Manager

NextGen Venture Partners

At Summer Camp 2018, Alyssa kicked off the weekend with a powerful workshop on approaching transitions.

Expertise: VC, Pitch-Decks, Public Speaking, Community Building, Entrepreneurship, Venture for America

Customer Advocate


Saalik has led workshops about creating a passion-driven side-hustle and ways to best center one's self.

Expertise: Tech, Development, Product Management, Workshop Facilitation, Journaling & Writing, Travel, Mindfulness

Communications Designer


Aarti returned for her second spring break to share her story and help students navigate imposter syndrome.

Expertise: Design, Photography, Communications, Marketing, Student Leadership

Head of Passion & Cause

Startup Island

Also back for his second spring break, Sean led an inspiring conversation about recognizing one's growth.

Expertise: Workshop Facilitation, Product Management, Community Building, Student Leadership, Philosophy, Mindfulness

CEO & Founder

Clutch Creations

Kristi led an awesome workshop last Spring Break about how to MVP anything. "It's like baking a cake!" 

Expertise: Prototyping, Consumer Product Development, Product Design, Arts & Entertainment, Marketing, Student Leadership  

Freelance Designer

Marketing Manager, SI 

Want to learn how to transcend fear and lead with purpose? Sam's got you covered in her powerful workshop. 

Expertise: Graphic & Web Design, Apparel Design, Workshop, Facilitation, Writing, Storytelling,  

Software Engineer

Catalant Technologies

Back for her second Startup Island Experience, Lexi led a discussion about travel being a catalyst for growth.

Expertise: Engineering, Broadcast Journalism, Art & Design, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Travel

Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

Having just finished her first manuscript, Rina shared her wisdom through "The Power of Writing" workshop.

Expertise: Writing, Speaking, Community Building, Travel, Social Impact

COO at Eat Your Coffee

On their Costa Rica trip, Ali and co-founder Johnny spoke about how to launch a successful kickstarter.

Expertise: Crowdfunding, Marketing, Student Entrepreneurship, Operations, Sales, Public Speaking, Workshop Facilitation

Life and Leadership Coach 

Jess's "Coaching Game" kicked off Summer Camp 2019 in a powerful way, allowing members to go inward.

Expertise: Graphic & Web Design, Apparel Design, Workshop, Facilitation, Writing, Storytelling,  


Outside of our trips, we are happy to create a custom coaching package for you, with one or multiple coaches from within our mentor network.